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Reefing doesn't have to be so hard

A reef aquarium is a marine ecosystem in a glass box. From saltwater fish, to corals and invertebrates, you'll be amazed at the creatures we can keep in our homes.

This guide will walk you through the entire process of setting up a reef aquarium, providing as much detail as possible and answering many common beginner questions. In the end, you’ll see how easy it can be.

Although there are many different ways to do this, I have chosen one path for us to walk together.

Let's get started with our choice of tank.

If you'd like to get in touch, send me a note.

  1. Note that this project is not being sponsored, so all expenses were paid by me and no sponsor influenced my choice of products. 

  2. A special thanks to olys_tank, a true Reef Artist for the amazing picture you see above. 

  3. A very special thanks to Bay Area Reefers. I've never seen a kinder, more generous and helpful group of people gathered around one subject. Without them, my tanks would be a disaster and I wouldn't have the motivation to put together this website.