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The Tank

For this guide, I have chosen the Innovative Marine Fusion Pro 25 gallon all-in-one lagoon aquarium and stand.

That’s a mouthful, so let’s break it down. Innovative Marine is the name of the company that makes the tank. Fusion Pro is just a system series name that signifies the tank includes a bunch of useful equipment.

All-in-one, or AIO for short, means that the tank is divided into a display section and a sump section. The sump is nothing more than a special compartment at the back of the tank where the water can be filtered. Water overflows the main section of the tank through an acrylic grill and passes into some compartments that can hold filtering and other equipment such as a heater. A pump, which is included, then pushes the water back out to the display section. This kind of tank is convenient, safe in terms of potential water spills and a great way to get started. If you are looking for something with the potential to upgrade to an external sump, take a look at the Red Sea Max-E Series systems.

Lagoon means that the tank is a bit shorter and wider than the norm. This gives you a little bit more room but is largely a matter of preference. In my case, I wanted something that approached a cube.

This tank comes with a stand, which makes life a little easier

I ordered the tank online and it arrived, safe and sound a few days later. It was packaged well: one box for the tank and included equipment and another for the stand.

Next, let’s build the stand and place it.