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Cycling Day 9

Today's ammonia test is a bit darker and I'm going to call it 1.0 ppm. Definitely increasing slowly.

Adding More Bacteria

The nitrite test didn't show anything at all, so there's no evidence of the bacteria we added 4 days ago so we're going to add the second half of the bottle of bacteria. Shake it well and pour the entire contents in the display section of the tank.

The pellets remain in the same spot but they look even fuzzier today, so they are decaying.

The Seachem ammonia badge has changed colors to the green "ALERT" color. This indicates 0.5 ppm of free ammonia. Unfortunately, this is very hard to see in a picture, so you'll have to take my word for it.

Don't Forget the ATO

It was time to refill the ATO reservoir since it was down to 1.5g.

Guess what? Time to wait again.